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  • China Supplement 2018


  • Airline Top 50

    Download the Airline Top 50 here.

  • Leasing Top 50 2015

    Download the Leasing Top 50 here.

  • Lawyers Guide 2015

    Investors like the Cape Town Convention, and for obvious reasons. The treaty is designed to help creditors repossess their aircraft more easily from airlines. The convention emulates a lot of the US...

  • China Supplement 2015

    围绕美国进出口银行未来命运展开的政治博弈,凸显出美欧之间对于出口信贷机构迥异的态度。 随着九个月的授权延期于六月底到期,一年之内美国进出口银行已经是第二次面临关门窘境。美国进出口银行前途未卜,而在这场政治角力中占据上风的是一些美国共和党大佬。他们态度鲜明地认为美国进出口银行只是给少数大型出口企业(如波音和通用电气)输送福利的工具。

  • Engines Guide 2015

    Rolls-Royce states it is adapting its aftermarket service. The engine manufacturer has been the market pioneer with its TotalCare package – a fixed-cost engine maintenance contract for airlines which...

  • China Supplement 2013

    这里是《航空金融》杂志中文版的年度增刊。每年,我们都会从原杂志中选取一些时效性和关联性强的文章,翻译成中文后以飨读者。 今年选取的一些文章是关于中国境外的航空市场的报道。其中包括,爱尔兰税制如何使那里成为航空产业趋之若鹜之地,2011年版的ASU框架如何使得航空公司不再青睐出口信贷的融资渠道等。 此外,还有对于未来航空资本市场发展情况的深度探讨。 《航空金融》杂志希望能通过这些文...

  • Guide to financing and investing in engines 2013

    Guide to financing and investing in engines 2013" is the definitive guide to financing and investing in engines. It provides you with analysis for the top jet engines in the industry based on key...

  • The Leasing Top 50 2013

    We are very proud to present the Leasing Top 50. A new supplement from the Airfinance Journal stable of publications, the Leasing Top 50 updates our existing leasing survey and presents a more...

  • Guide to Aviation Lawyers 2013

    Airlines, according to the financier, have never had it so good. The market has plenty of banks willing to fund new aircraft, including new participants, and this year has seen a growing list of...

  • The Airline Top 50 2013

    Airfinance Journal’s sister website, The Airline Analyst, has reviewed the financial reports of nearly 150 airlines to provide definitive lists of the best airlines of 2012. Once again we provide...

  • Air Investor 2014

    To borrow a term from the world of personal finance advice, values can go up or down. For a long time aircraft have been seen as a sound investment, with demand for the more popular models...

  • 2013 Leasing Market Review

    Inside the 2013 Leasing Market Review you will find a global market comparison of 2012 vs 2013, a comparision of leasing companies with airlines, the top orders placed by lessors and a graphic...

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