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Lessors, airlines seek one-year lease extensions in Max g...

Shortly after the Max was grounded, airlines began extending leases on aircraft that were to be replaced by the Max up to six months.

Analysis: Are financiers comfortable funding the Max?

Airfinance Journal talks to several banks with exposure to the Max. There are growing concerns on two points: this year’s budget capacity and residual values.

CMB Leasing raises $1bn

American sets MD80 retirement date

New P&W president announced

Mitsubishi to acquire Bombardier CRJ programme

Lessors should target higher ratings

Miami Air loss worth $51m hits aviation market

CA-CIB provides $43m loan to Allegiant

American issues EETCs


Leasing Top 50 2018

There were two major leasing industry announcements on the day Airfinance Journal’s Leasing Top 50 went to press. The first was US private equity house Carlyle Group agreeing to acquire 100% of Apollo Aviation Group from its owners, Robert Korn and Bill Ho man.

Airline Top 50 2018

Our landmark publication from 2018. The Airline Top 50 provides a definitive guide to the world’s top 50 airlines across different regions, using a number of different qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Airline Top 50

Download the Airline Top 50 here.

Leasing Top 50 2015

Download the Leasing Top 50 here.

Lawyers Guide 2015

Investors like the Cape Town Convention, and for obvious reasons. The treaty is designed to help creditors repossess their aircraft more easily from airlines. The convention emulates a lot of the US bankruptcy laws. For many aviation investors, the Cape Town Convention offers a familiar piece of regulation when considering potential aircraft investments outside of North America. It is no accident

China Supplement 2015

围绕美国进出口银行未来命运展开的政治博弈,凸显出美欧之间对于出口信贷机构迥异的态度。 随着九个月的授权延期于六月底到期,一年之内美国进出口银行已经是第二次面临关门窘境。美国进出口银行前途未卜,而在这场政治角力中占据上风的是一些美国共和党大佬。他们态度鲜明地认为美国进出口银行只是给少数大型出口企业(如波音和通用电气)输送福利的工具。

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